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Top 4 Welcome Week Events to Build Community!

Top 4 Welcome Week Events to Build Community!

Can you make lifelong friends during Welcome Week? The answer is yes, yes you can! Welcome Week is jammed packed with different events that you can attend by yourself or with your roommate.  During my freshman year, I threw myself out of my comfort zone and met tons of people at Welcome Week events! In this article, I share my favorite Welcome Week Events that are guaranteed to take you out of your comfort zone and make a friend during your first week at Loyola!

1. Speed Greeting

I attended Speed Greeting with my roommate, and we were both very nervous. The minute we got there, we immediately started to participate in different ice breakers that forced each of us out of our comfort zone.  Not only did this push us to try new things, it also separated us!  Little did I know that these initial nerves would result in finding my next roommate!


2. Trolley Tours

Who doesn’t want to get free Garret’s Popcorn and take a trolley to view downtown Chicago? As you munch on your Garret’s Popcorn heading towards Lakeshore Drive, you will get to know all the people you are sitting with, and make plans to go to other events together.


3. Trip to Target

Need a last minute poster for your new room?  Head to Target with other students who are looking to pick up some last minute items too! Loyola students are able to shop the aisles of Target after it has closed, allowing you to be surrounded by other Ramblers – all while winning some cool prizes!


4. New Year’s Festival

While it’s not December, at Loyola we kick off the new school year with a HUGE event that everyone attends! Free food, a giant inflatable chair, and live music - it’s everyone last chance to relax before all the homework rolls in. This is a great event to grab your roommate or new friends you met during Welcome Week, to relax after the first week of classes!

Being an out-of-state student I was very nervous attending these events, but the end result was totally worth the nerves. Other classmates from my residence hall joined me, and I made friends at every event I went to. College is a fresh start for everyone, so get out of your comfort zone and make a new friend. I hope to see you during Welcome Week!