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Why I, as a Senior, still love Welcome Week!

Why I, as a Senior, still love Welcome Week!

As returning student, you may be wondering whether Welcome Week is still relevant to your experience.  Find out the top 4 reasons that our Welcome Week Team Leader, Elizabeth Black, still attends as a Senior!


1)     You meet SO many people. Some of the people I met during Welcome Week as a freshman are still my best friends – one of them is my roommate this year! And you don’t have to be a freshman to meet new people and make lasting friendships. Every year I get to know more awesome Loyola students and staff and it always gets me thinking: “Where have these people been all my life?!” Who knows – maybe you’ll meet one of your life-long friends at Welcome Week festivities this year.


2)     It allows you to get to know your home for the next four years. As a freshman, Welcome Week gives you the first REAL impression you’ll have of being a student at Loyola. The school’s website and on-campus tours are great, but they only skim the surface of what it’s like to be a Rambler. As an upperclassman, it reminds you how fantastic Loyola is. The amazing staff and students you meet at Welcome Week, along with all of the awesome activities, resources and free swag, make you feel right at home – again and again.


3)     It’s a fresh start. Whether you are an incoming freshman or a returning student, coming to campus in the Fall is a chance to start anew. There are so many opportunities to look forward to in a new semester: meeting new people, seeing old friends, new classes, awesome extracurricular and volunteer opportunities, and getting to (re)explore one of the best cities in the U.S.


4)     Welcome Week reminds me that I’m not just a “number” at Loyola. It can be easy to feel like you’re just another face in a sea of students at college. But not at Loyola. The staff, faculty, and students you meet during this time are unparalleled in their genuineness, commitment, and enthusiasm in getting to know you personally and making your Loyola Chicago experience top-notch. People go above and beyond to help you out; not to mention, they learn your name and remember it. In my opinion, that’s pretty cool.