Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center

Eligibility & Fees


Students currently attending classes (full or part time) are eligible to use the services provided at the Wellness Center at no charge. Wellness Center services are covered by Student Development Fee. Students who are not charged the Student Development Fee but would like to receive services must submit the Wellness Center Optional Enrollment form.

Students at the Health Science Campus (HSC) who are interested in receiving mental health or medical care can learn more about their options here.

Students are welcome to use the Wellness Center to maintain or improve their health. A fee for the Wellness Center is assessed at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semesters and appears on every student's bill as part of the student activity fee. This covers medical assessment and short-term treatment by a staff nurse, physician, or nurse practitioner; assessment and either brief counseling with a mental health professional at the Wellness Center or assistance connecting to a community mental health provider; telephone advice from a nurse; and health education and wellness programs and resources at the Wellness Center, including unlimited group therapy visits. Some lab tests, immunizations, prescription medications, and materials are provided for an additional fee.

Click to see the list of 2022 Wellness Center Charges.

Furthermore, students are responsible for the cost of mental and physical health care services outside of Loyola's services (e.g., care in the emergency room, hospitalization, and specialist services). See Health Insurance for more information.

Appointments must be cancelled by notifying the Wellness Center at least 3 hours in advance. The Wellness Center will assess a $15 No Show  fee for missed appointments.

Summer Services

 Updated 4/2022


Below is the breakdown of eligibility for Wellness Center services and summer fees. 

  • Students who are enrolled in a summer session class are eligible for Wellness Center services, no additional fee would be assessed to them
  • Graduating Seniors are eligible for WC services until 5/14/22, after that they are not eligible for services unless they are enrolled in a summer course OR fall course.
  • Students who are NOT enrolled in a summer course, but who are in Chicago or the state of IL AND who are enrolled in something for Fall 2022 are eligible for WC services if they pay a summer fee. 
  • Students can pay a fee that covers them to receive WC services for the entire summer OR just one summer session.
    • May 15th – August 26th , Full summer $110
    • May 15th –July 1nd  ,1st half $65
    • July 5rd –August 26th , 2nd half $65