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College is a major transition, both for students and for parents. The Wellness Center is here to help your student succeed. We believe that parents are essential partners in a students development. You, your student, and the Wellness Center can work together to help your student make the most of his or her time at Loyola.

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The Wellness Center wants to ensure that students face the fewest barriers possible to seeking the help they need, and our experience has shown that students must be assured that the services they receive here remain confidential. The Wellness Center provides confidential physical and mental health-care services in accordance with state and federal law and professional standards. In most situations, the student must give the Wellness Center permission to disclose information to family members. Please note that the consent for release of information form is not the same as the academic consent form.

In times of emotional distress, there may be concerns about a students safety. If a counselor feels that parents or others need to be contacted, this is discussed with the student. Know that if the counselor has a significant concern about safety, they will do what is necessary to help ensure student safety and this may involve contacting parents or school administration and sometimes both.

Open communication with your student will help you work through stressful times together. You will be able to let them know you respect their independence while you are there to provide support.

Emotional Wellness

The college years are a time of great change and development, both for your student and for you. During this time, your student may experience stress, anxiety, academic or relationship difficulties, or depression. You know your student best. If you notice behavior that is dramatically different or not normal for them, encourage them to seek help. The Wellness Center provides confidential short-term group and individual counseling.

For more tips on helping your student during difficult times, see
Emotional Health and Your College Student: A Guide for Parents.

This time can also be stressful for you, and it is important to take care of your needs as well. You may find these tips for parents and guardians helpful and relevant to your family's experience at Loyola.


The easy availability of alcohol and its excessive use are issues that college campuses struggle with every day. Loyola is concerned about the negative consequences of high-risk drinking, for the drinker and also for friends, roommates, and classmates. Our research shows that these consequences can include poor academic performance; disrupted sleep or studies; unplanned and unprotected sexual contact; sexual or physical violence; vandalism; or nights that end at the emergency room.

The university believes that you can be an essential partner in efforts to address this situation. Although your student is now in college, we know that you can continue to play a positive and influential role. Conversations about important topics such as alcohol use can have a lasting impact.

Be aware that it really could be your child who is making bad decisions about alcohol. We know from experience that parents are often surprised to learn that their child has gotten into trouble because of excessive drinking. We also know that this does not mean you are an ineffective or uncaring parent. This period of transition to adulthood and independence presents difficult choices to students, and they don't always make good decisions.

We encourage you to talk openly and honestly about alcohol use before your student arrives on campus. Even if you know your student doesn't drink, it is important to have this conversation in the event they decide to experiment with alcohol or they hang out with others who drink.

Adapted from PACE, University of Wisconsin Madison

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Students are required to provide proof of immunization. Follow the link for detailed information.

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