Loyola University Chicago

Wellness Center

Your First Visit

Your First Visit

Upon first visit to the Wellness Center, students will swipe their ID card at the check-in kiosk and then proceed to a laptop station in the waiting area to complete health history information that helps Wellness Center staff better serve students.  It typically takes under 10 minutes to complete health surveys, which are updated annually.

In the privacy of an exam room, a registered nurse will obtain information regarding the reason for visit and conduct an initial assessment.  If students are scheduled to see a nurse practitioner or physician, they will then proceed to see that provider.  After discussing the student’s presenting concerns, the provider will review diagnosis, possible treatment recommendations, education and follow-up.  Wellness Center visits are confidential. 

Online appointment scheduling is available in limited quantities per provider each day.  If students are uncertain which provider to schedule an appointment with or are unable to find availability online, they are encouraged to call Dial-a-Nurse at 773.508.8883 for scheduling assistance.  Triage nurses ensure same-day appointments are available to students who need prompt assistance.