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Body Project FAQs

The purpose of the Body Project is to empower college aged men and women to engage in body acceptance and to promote positive body image. Research has shown that men and women who have a positive body image are less likely to practice unhealthy eating behaviors and are at reduced risk for eating disorders. Students who participate in the Body Project learn the importance of self-care and are more likely to have a healthier attitude towards their body and practice healthier behaviors around eating.

The Body Project is a research based prevention strategy specifically developed for college-aged females. The Body Project is used across the country at different colleges and is the only evidence-based program proven to reduce the risk for eating disorders.

The workshop consists of two, 2-hour sessions, held a week apart. As a participant, you need to attend both session 1 and 2 to fully benefit from the workshop.

Unfortunately at this time we only have female peer leaders so can only provide workshops for female students at Loyola. However, the Body Project is accepting applications from any and all interested students! We hope to eventually provide workshops for all students, so stay tuned!

*Disclaimer: The Body project is a highly researched and evidence based intervention that has been shown to reduce the onset of eating disorders and improve body satisfaction for cis-gendered college women and men. We at the Body Project understand that students of all genders have and struggle with Body image from time to time.  While this intervention specifically does not outreach to our gender non-conforming students, we are eager to have conversation and generate ideas about how to raise awareness about body image for students of all genders. Please contact bodyproject@luc.edu with any requests, suggestions or feedback.

Each workshop consists of two sessions, and we offer one a month during the school year. Schedule and sign up can be found on our website: https://www.luc.edu/wellness/healthpromotion/getinvolved/.

‌Of course! If you think the Body Project would be a good fit for your female or male student group at Loyola, please fill out this form, Body Project 2019-20 Group Program Request Form

Email the completed form to BodyProject@luc.edu at least two weeks before your proposed date, and we will coordinate with you to figure out the logistics of the workshop.

Note: The Body project workshop is designed for 7 to 14 student participants (not including the peer leaders). If your group is larger than 14, we can break the group into smaller groups and run two sessions.

The Body Project is a prevention strategy designed for a general population. It is not an appropriate or effective intervention for students currently struggling with an eating disorder. Students who are seeking help for an eating disorder can make an appointment at the Wellness Center for an assessment and counseling. For more information on scheduling an appointment, visit Locations, Hours & Visits. To schedule an appointment, call Dial-A-Nurse at 773.508.8883.

The Body Project is looking for new peer facilitators for our workshops! If you are passionate about body image issues, and are interested in a volunteer leadership opportunity, please apply! The application can be found here: Body Project Peer Leader Application. Please complete and return to the bodyproject@luc.edu. The Body Project accepts facilitators on a rolling admissions basis. After applying, you will be asked to conduct an interview with staff and current peer facilitators prior to joining the team. While you are able to join the Body Project at any time during the year, you will not be allowed to facilitate workshops until you have attended the fall training. If you are unable to attend the training, you will still be able to attend all monthly meetings, help host on-campus events, and attend workshops as a participant. Please email bodyproject@luc.edu with any questions.