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Quit Smoking

Congratulations! Deciding to quit smoking is an important first step toward improving your health. Before you begin, please read You Can Quit Smoking. This guide provides a basic road map for what you can expect as you begin the quitting process and tips for improving your chances of success. You can also pick up a paper copy in the Wellness Center Resource Room.

What does smoking do for you? Despite the health risks, you smoke because it fulfills a need. Get to know your habit and why you smoke. It will help you get to know yourself better and will help you develop your quit plan. (For more information, see the Why Do I Smoke? worksheet.) The Wellness Center offers the following resources and support:

Individual Consultations

No matter which quitting method you choose, you can meet with the Health Educator to discuss your options and get support. You may choose to:

  • Design a quit plan with a Nurse. If it helps you to talk things through, this option is for you! Meet with the Nurse to outline your plan and receive support.
  • Join a group cessation program. The Nurse or a Health Educator can provide you with referrals to local programs.
  • Get help with an online cessation program. If you'd like to join an online program, you can consult with the Nurse or Health Educator for questions, concerns, or in-person support.

Call the Wellness Center at 773.508.8883 to make an appointment.

Online/Phone Cessation

If you'd like to get started on your own and like the flexibility of an online program, this option could be for you. These programs are free but may require registration and are not affiliated with the Wellness Center.

  • Freedom From Smoking Online: This American Lung Association program consists of seven modules that you work through at your own pace. You are encouraged to participate in the online support community.
  • QuitNet: This program helps you prepare to quit as well as receive online support. You must register and can access most of the information for free (purchasing the premium membership is not required).
  • Trytostop.org: This free program from the MA Dept. of Public Health features program tracking, a progress meter, quit date and goals, savings calculator and an online bulletin board.
  • Illinois QuitLine: Talk to a professional cessation counselor and learn about local resources.


Stop by the Wellness Center Resource Room to access a variety of tobacco-related brochures in English and Spanish. Information is also available in the Smoking/Tobacco Links section of this site.

For some, smoking can be a stress reliever. Check out Stress Management for alternative ways to unwind.