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Writing Center

"How to: Writing Center"

A few quick tips on making appointments online:

To start, click "SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT" in the navigation menu at the top left portion of your screen.

1. If you have not yet made a profile, CLICK TO REGISTER.

2. Fill out the short registration profile (you only have to do this once!).

Keep going...!

3. After logging into the system, choose the most convenient Writing Center location for you.


4. Now pick your tutor and time. (Remember: White means available; Blue means unavailable).

5. Click on a white box to make an appointment and fill out the short appointment form. Let us know if you would rather meet online or in person in the "Yes - Schedule Online Appointment"/ "No, Meet Face-to-Face at the Center" box. Also, give us details about what you need help with!


6. If you choose "Yes - Schedule Online Appointment," return to this appointment window 5 minutes prior to your appointment. You can do this by clicking on the box showing your appointment in the scheduling system. Click "Start or Join Online Consultation."

7. Online appointments will look like this. Paste your paper into the window on the left and your tutor will discuss the paper in the chat window on the right.

8. To make a Written Feedback appointment, click on an open appointment square. Make sure the tutor you choose can assist in Written Feedback appointments. The tutor should also have at least an hour-long open window for this type of appointment. 

Fill out the appointment screen with information about the writing assignment. Select Written Feedback in the drop-down menu. Make sure you schedule the appointment for at least an hour. Notice the message reminding you to attach a document before your appointment time. 

9. After clicking "Save Appointment," a new pop-up confirming the appointment will appear. You may upload your essay by clicking on the link. Select the appointment time you wish to attach your file to. 


A final message will appear after uploading the document. If you wish to upload another document, you may do so in the same way you uploaded the first.

If you want to upload your attachment at a later date, you may do so by clicking on the yellow folder at the top of the screen. The "Attach a File" pop-up window will appear, and you can upload a document in the same way described above. 

10. If you realize that you cannot make a scheduled appointment, click on the appointment box, scroll to the bottom, and select "CANCEL THIS APPOINTMENT." You can do this up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

If you have questions about the Writing Center, please contact WC Associate Director, Mary Lutze (mlutze1@luc.edu)