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Writing Center

"Which Appointment is Right for Me?"

Follow the flow-chart or read the descriptions of appointment types to learn which appointment is right for you.



Appointment Descriptions (Schedule all types of appointments at https://luc.mywconline.com/)

The Writing Center offers three types of appointments:


Meet in person for 30 minutes to an hour with a trained writing tutor at the Lake Shore or Water Tower campuses.  These one-on-one sessions can cover every stage of the writing process, from outlining to thesis statements to sentence structure.  Bring ideas, drafts, and assignments.


Like face-to-face sessions, online sessions happen in real time for 30 minutes to an hour.  The difference is that writers can meet for online appointments from home, a distant campus, or the dorms.  At the time of the scheduled online appointment, writers sign in to WC Online and paste their writing to a chat feature.  They can opt for video or typed interaction.  Any form of writing is welcome!

Written Feedback 

This asynchronous service is ideal for readable drafts.  Before the session begins, writers upload Word documents to the appointment form.  After reading the draft, tutors will write a summary letter and make comments in the margins of the paper, then send the draft back to the writer.  Writers should allow an hour for every 5 pages of writing.