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Jonathan Chang

Jonathan Chang

Graduate Tutor, PhD in English

Jonathan TD, Chang is a first-year Ph.D student from Taiwan who is pursuing his degree at Loyola University Chicago. His research interests include the aesthetics and politics of modernism(s), poetry and poetics, memory studies, and narrative theories. Jonathan holds a bachelor's degree in English and Philosophy and a MA degree in English Literature. His MA thesis focuses on two of Philip Roth’s novels and Jacques Rancière’s theories on aesthetics and politics.

Apart from reading and writing, Jonathan enjoys music from every category, perhaps only with the exception of EDM or pop music. On a typical day, Jonathan can be found cooking to the swing of Dave Brubeck, reading with Mahler's symphonies in the background, or strolling along the lakeside with some post-rock tunes.  

Specialties: Idea generation, thesis development, close reading, and MLA formatting.