Loyola University Chicago

Writing Center

ESL/ELL & Grammar

See the links and content below for LUC and web program and learning materials support for ESL/ELL students writing papers in English and all students seeking help with common grammatical errors. 

LUC Resources/Opportunities for ESL/ELL Students: 

English Language Learning Program: LUC's ESL program supports students' English language learning at the university through the certificate-based IEP (Intensive English Program) and Summer Pre-Collegiate Language Learning (SPELL) Program. 

The Global Mentorship Program: This LUC program helps students practice English through informal face-to-face conversations.

The Literacy Center: Students who feel that their English has improved may wish to help other adult Rogers Park ESL learners learn to read and speak English by volunteering with this LUC organization, which can fulfill the Core Engaged Learning-Service Learning Internship requirement. 

Grammar Handouts and Worksheets:

Online Grammar Resources (PDF) 

Pronouns: English Pronouns Chart (PDF), That vs. Which (PDF), Who vs. Whom (PDF), Forms of Other (PDF)

Cultural Meanings and Conventions: Idioms  (The Idiom Site), Common Idioms and Their Meanings (PDF)

Prepositions: Prepositions and Prepositional Phrases (PDF)

Verbs: Verb Tenses Overview (PDF), Simple Tenses in English (PDF), Uses of the Present Perfect (PDF), Subject Verb Agreement (PDF)

Articles: Article Usage (PDF), More About Article Usage (PDF)

Adjectives: About Adjectives (PDF)

Punctuation: Comma Usage (PDF), Oxford or Serial Comma Usage (PDF) Capitalization Rules (PDF)