Loyola University Chicago

Writing Center

Major-Specific Writing

General: LUC Libraries Research Guides (Loyola University Chicago), Model Papers from the Disciplines (Yale University)


Accounting: Writing in Accounting and Finance (University of Montana)

Biology: Writing in Biology (University of Connecticut), Writing in the Disciplines: Biology (University of Richmond)

Business: Effective Business Writing: Top Principles and Techniques (English Grammar), Writing in the Disciplines: Business  (University of Richmond)

Chemistry: Chemistry Writing Guide (Swarthmore College), Guide for Writing in Chemistry (Southwestern University), Tips for Writing Better Science Papers (ChemViews Magazine), Writing Guide for Chemistry (Oregon State University)

English: English Literature Writing Guide (University of Edinburgh), How to Write an Essay (Warwick)

History: A Brief Guide to Writing the History Paper (Harvard College), Writing a Good History Paper (Hamilton College)

Music: Music (University of North Carolina), Writing about Music (University of Calgary), Writing in Music (Thompson Writing Program, Duke University)

Paralegal Studies: Legal Document Preparation Info (National Paralegal), Paralegal Duties (Paralegal Study Support), Student Resources (Paralegal edu.org)

Philosophy: A Brief Guide to Writing the Philosophy Paper (Harvard College), Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper (MIT)

Political Science: Types of Political Science Writing (Columbian College of Arts and Sciences), Writing A Political Science Essay (Georgetown University)

Social Work: Writing in Social Work Practice (WISP), Writing Resources (University of Washington)

Theatre: Guide for Writing in Theatre (Southwestern University), "How to Write a Theatre Review," "Writing for the Theatre? Be Practical" (The Guardian)

Theology: A Short Guide to Writing Research Papers in History and Theology (Evangelical Lutheran Church), How to Write Theology (Collegeville Institute), Sample Spiritual Reflection (PDF), Sample Religious Homily (PDF), Writing Resources (Duke Divinity School), Writing Theological Book Reviews (Trinity College, University of Ontario)