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UCWR 110 Course

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The Essays:

Essays: How to Write a Response Paper (PDF), How to Write a Free-Write (PDF), The Difference Between Summary Response Rhetorical Analysis and Synthesis Essays (PDF)

Research: How to Find and Research Articles on LUC Libraries Website (PDF)

Peer-Editing: How to Peer Edit (PDF), Sample Peer Review Sheet (PDF)

Rewrites: How to Do a Rewrite (PDF)

Summary Response: How to Write a Summary Response Essay (PDF)

Rhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Appeals (PowerPoint), The Three Rhetorical Appeals (PDF), Rhetorical Analysis Thesis Statement Formula (PDF)

Synthesis: How to Write a Synthesis Essay (PDF)

Researched Argument: The Purpose of Research (PDF), Conducting Careful Research (PDF), How to Write a Topic Proposal (PDF), Topic Proposal Worksheet (PDF), LUC Student Research Options (PDF), Examples of Good Research Articles by Academics (PDF)