Loyola University Chicago

Writing Center

Writing an Essay from A to Z

A. Understanding the Prompt: How to Understand a Prompt (PDF)

B. Free-writes and Response Papers: How to Write a Free-Write (PDF), How to Write a Response Paper (PDF)

C. Summary: Writing a Summary (PDF), How to Write a Summary Response Essay (PDF)

D. Rhetorical Analysis: Rhetorical Appeals (PowerPoint), The Three Rhetorical Appeals (PDF)

E. Synthesis: How to Write a Synthesis Essay (PDF)

F: Research: The Purpose of Research (PDF), Examples of Good Research Articles by Academics (PDF)

G. Writing Tips: Writing for the Uninformed Reader (PDF), To Use or Not to Use I in an Essay (PDF), The Literary or Historical Present Tense (PDF)

H. Scholarly Sources: Finding and Evaluating Sources (PDF), Defining Scholarly Sources (PDF)

I: Conducting Archival Research: The Importance of Careful Research (PDF) University Archives & Special Collections  (link), LUC Student Research Options (PDF)

J. Online Sources: LUC's Online Databases (link), How to Find and Research Articles on LUC Libraries Website (PDF), Analyzing Sources (PowerPoint), Evaluating Online Sources (PDF)

K. Annotated Bibliography Guide: How to Write an Annotated Bibliography (PDF)

L. In-text Citation Guide: Choosing Citation Software (PDF), Citation Style Links (PDF), Citation Style Overview (PowerPoint)

M. Plagiarism: How to Avoid Plagiarism (PDF), A Quick Guide to Avoiding Plagiarism (PowerPoint)

N. Brainstorming: Generating Ideas (PDF)

O. Structure: The Essay: Purpose and Structure (PDF), How to Write a Topic Proposal (PDF), Topic Proposal Worksheet (PDF)

P. Outlining: How to Write an Outline (PDF), How to Write a Reverse Outline (PDF), The Essay Paragraph Equation (PDF)

Q. Introductions: Writing Introductions and Conclusions (PDF)

R. Conclusions: Conclusions and the Trap of Circular Information (PDF)

S. Quoting: Choosing and Explaining Quotes (PDF),  How to Frame a Quote (PDF)

T: Paragraphs: How to Write Successful Paragraphs (PDF)

U: Transitions: Transitions or Signal Words (PDF),  Transitions (PDF)

V: Sentence-Level Mechanics: Flow (PDF), Verb Tenses as Indicators of Time (PDF), George Orwell's Guidelines for Clear Writing (PDF), When to Use a Comma (PDF)

W. Peer Review: How to Proofread (PDF), How to Peer Edit (PDF), Sample Peer Review Sheet (PDF)

X. Revision I:  Reading Aloud to Revise (PDF)

Y. Rewrites: How to Do a Rewrite (PDF)

Z. Turning the Essay In: Turning in an Essay and or Essay Portfolio (PDF)