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Will I get an A if I bring my essay to the Writing Center?

  • Not necessarily. Your specific teacher for that specific course will grade based on requirements that might be different for another teacher in another subject. Most likely you will get a higher grade than you would if you hadn't sought help. 

Isn't the Writing Center run by tutors getting English degrees? How can they understand my Science paper enough to help me with it?

  • Most of the tutors in the Writing Center are pursuing other undergraduate or graduate degrees in the fields of science, mathematics, social work, and computer science. Others are seeking degrees in philosophy, theology, and political science as well as English and history. Though it's a good idea to look at the tutor bio pages to find the tutor whose degree subject or spoken language can assist you best with your assignment, we train all of our Writing Center tutors to look for macro-issues such as unclear language, a weak thesis and topic sentences, and other common problems that appear in any kind of writing regardless of field. 

I'm a great writer! Can I join the Writing Center team as a tutor?

  • We welcome tutors from every discipline and background. To take the ENGL 220 prerequisite course for becoming a tutor in the Writing Center, undergraduates must receive recommendation either from their UCWR 110 teacher or a member of faculty on the strength of their writing and interpersonal skills, meaning they have excelled at college writing. Applicants must also submit a writing sample to qualify for the course. Graduate tutors should email WC Director Amy Kessel to express their interest and qualifications. 

Can I bring my paper as a walk-in appointment?

  • Although tutors will do a walk-in appointment if they aren't busy with a face-to-face or online appointment, it is much safer to make an appointment through WC Online. Appointment slots fill up fast! 

How do I find out details about the tutors on WC Online?