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Writing Support for Instructors

Contact Associate Director Krislyn Zhorne at kzhorne@luc.edu for advanced writing assistance. If your work needs a “second pair of eyes” for proofing or reader feedback, our graduate tutors are available for that service. We also have a graduate-level professional writing page on the Loyola OWL to support conference presentation and publication activities. 

Note: In your email please mention the requirements and timetable of your project. 

 Helpful Links:

  • LUC's Ignatian Pedagogy: Includes a definition of how LUC faculty should define and practice Ignatian pedagogy in the classroom. 
  • Ignatian Pedagogy Certificate Program: Loyola initiated the Ignatian Pedagogy (IP) Certificate program in fall 2015 to help introduce faculty and staff to the basics of Ignatian pedagogy and its application to the teaching and learning mission at Loyola University Chicago. 
  • Ignatian Pedagogy Research Grant:  The Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy (FCIP) provides funding for several research grants relating to the impact of Ignatian and Jesuit pedagogy on teaching. Provided below is a listing of the awardees with a link to their successful grant application.
  • Faculty Teaching Awards: Because effective teaching can be accomplished through different approaches, the Office of the Provost has instituted a series of university-wide teaching awards that recognize the value of the many ways in which our faculty contribute to transformative learning. 
  • Pedagogy Presentations:  These lectures by Fr. Jose Mesa, S.J., Ignatian Pedagogy Faculty Fellow provide examples of Ignatian pedagogy in action.
  • Resources for Ignatian Pedagogy: This is a list of suggested readings and resources on the Jesuit mission and Ignatian pedagogy.
  • The Faculty Center for Ignatian Pedagogy (FCIP):  This website offers information on FCIP's university-wide mission to support and educate teachers according to the principles of Ignatian pedagogy. FCIP encourages excellence in teaching by facilitating the role of faculty in the formation of students as whole persons. The Center promotes the implementation of creative teaching strategies that reflect the intellectual, social and spiritual context of today's students, often holding teaching workshops on technology and classroom strategies and offering online teaching certification through a special course.

Teaching Databases:

Teacher Reference Center (TRC): This database provides coverage on key education topics such as Assessment, Continuing Education, Current Pedagogical Research, Curriculum Development, Instructional Media, Language Arts, Literacy Standards, Science & Mathematics, and more.

Links to Writing Aid and Publication Opportunities:

Pedagogy, Grammar, and Writing: List of Writing, Grammar, and Citation Publications (PDF), Articles on Writing Instruction (PDF), Articles on Responding to and Grading Student Writing (PDF), Articles on Teaching Strategies and Common Issues in College Writing Courses (PDF), Organizations for Teachers (PDF)

Teaching Materials: Reading and Writing Project (Teachers College, Columbia University) (link), Syllabus and Assignment Aid (PDF)

Publishing and Reading Articles on Teaching and Academia: Peer Reviewed Education and Writing Journals (PDF)