Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Program Objectives

Upon completing the certificate, students in the program will have fulfilled the following outcomes and acquired the following set of skills and values:

Knowledge Outcomes:

  • Acquire and utilize key theoretical concepts in the study of migration and borders, identity politics, transnationalism, feminism, and sexuality from an intersectional lens.
  • Identify how the struggle for gender justice is connected to larger social, economic, political, and cultural forces, local & global.
  • Recognize how individuals worldwide are actively responding to gender inequalities and social injustices, individually and collectively and how they have integrated feminist thinking in their work.
  • Acquire familiarity with and understanding of major theories of social justice as they apply to national/international legislation and arenas, and of human rights in national and international contexts as they apply to social justice and humane migration reforms.
  • Integrate the certificate course themes into a broad and deep understanding of the complexities of the field, recognizing the roots of paradoxes, major tenets, and divergent themes in modern and contemporary feminist thought as they apply to gender identity and the migration experience.

Skills Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate cultural competency in critical theory and familiarity with key issues in different disciplinary realms, such as race theory, migration, diaspora, masculinity studies, transnational studies, Queer theory, film, and visual studies.
  • Apply a wide critical terminology to professional fields such as social work, nursing, education, public policy, and (non-)governmental organizations, among others.
  • Ability to advocate for humane policies regarding immigration grounded in an understanding of gender expression and social justice animated by Ignatian principles.
  • Awareness of one’s own standpoint in articulation of arguments.

Values Outcomes:

  • Commitment to the principles of social justice as they apply to migration.