Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

Program Requirements

The certificate is a year-round program with courses offered in the Fall/Spring and Summer. Students in the program will be able to take four courses, including:

  • WSGS 401: History of Feminist Thought and Action which provides an historical overview of US and global feminisms.
  • WSGS 450: Global Feminisms, Race, and Migration which looks at issues of gender and feminism from a global social justice perspective.
  • WSGS 497: Migration, Identity, and Sexuality which looks at migration from an interdisciplinary lens in the context of identity, both gendered and sexual identities.
  • SOWK 732: Migration, Social Justice, and Human Rights, which offers an exploration into of the social justice concerns associated with contemporary migration.

These courses are intended to foster students’ recognition of how the struggle for gender justice is connected to larger social, economic, political, and cultural forces, local & global. Students completing the program will be able to implement key theoretical concepts in the study of “borders,” identity politics, transnationalism, and sexuality from an intersectional and decolonial lens. They will be able to demonstrate cultural competency in critical theory and familiarity with key issues in different disciplinary realms, such as race theory, migration, diaspora, masculinity studies, transnational studies, Queer theory, film, and visual studies. They will also be able to advocate for humane policies regarding immigration grounded in an understanding of gender expression and social justice animated by Ignatian principles.