Loyola University Chicago

Women's Studies and Gender Studies

The Women's Project

The Women's Project Mission:
I. Redefine society's view of womanhood through the empowerment of women as leaders in the quest for social justice and change. 
II. Create a powerful intersectional network of philanthropically-minded women working as allies.
III. Gather to discuss and reflect with members and the community the definition of womanhood and femininity and our duty as agents of positive change. 
IV. Create a safe atmosphere of encouragement and empowerment that fuels a respectful dynamic between companions and scholars in which all persons shall be listened to, communicated with and worked in conjunction with as well.
V. Host events at which discussions and experiences gained by scholars and companions will be shared with the larger Loyola community. 

VI. Translate experiences gained in the curriculum sessions into action-based social justice initiatives in the Loyola community and surrounding communities. 

VII. Collaborate and work with other women’s and social justice organization on campus to foster a community of empowered women.

For more information:
Or visit The Women's Project facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/thewomensprojectluc/
Instagram account: @twp_luc.