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Life After WSGS

What can I do with a degree in Women Studies and Gender Studies?

The truth is, graduates with undergraduate or graduate degrees (or minors) in Women's Studies and Gender Studies can go into a wide range of fields and positions after graduation. Because graduates in the field understand/display an inherent understanding of various forms of oppression, they are well-equipped to be experts in their chosen fields and advance social justice in the world through their work.

So…What can I “be?”
Graduates may consider entering many fields of work, including:

  • Education

  • Healthcare

  • Human services

  • International affairs and relations 

  • Literature

  • Media (reporters/journalists, writers, communication specialists, researchers, editors, etc.)

  • Marketing, communication, and advertising 

  • Non-profit (community organizers, advocates, case managers, counselors, program coordinators, etc.)

  • Public policy or administration

  • Public service

  • Social work

Is anyone available to talk to me about this further?
Yes! We can connect you with Women Studies and Gender Studies faculty, current students, or even alumni who are working locally, nationally, and globally in various fields.  E-mail us at wsgsprogram@LUC.edu.