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Alumni Profile: Caitlin Rettenmaier

Alumni Profile: Caitlin Rettenmaier

Caitlin Rettenmaier graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a bachelor's degree in Psychology with a concentration in Human Services and Business Administration and minor in Women's Studies and Gender Studies in 2012.

Currently, Caitlin is the Director of Butler, Brown & Adams County Services - Women Helping Women in Cincinnati, Ohio. Caitlin spoke with WSGS about her experience in our program and life after graduation:

I pursued a minor in WSGS because it's relevant, and it afforded me the opportunity to examine gender in many different realms - politics, literature, film, history, psychology, sociology. I'm sure there were more. Five years after graduating, my WSGS education continues to not only be relevant but possibly to have grown in importance. Female-identified individuals' rights and roles in our country and world are under heightened scrutiny, and my education in the intersection of oppression, race, gender, and justice continue to serve me well.

When I chose to study WSGS, I was hoping to do a life examination, not just take a few courses. And it was that (a life examination) - socially, biologically, economically, and politically. My WSGS courses armed me with ideas and answers to questions about how to interpret culture and my existence within it. I like to believe this department taught me how to go into the world and make it a better, more inclusive, and more beautiful place.  

My WSGS education taught me to be on the right side of history, and I've striven to become an agent - not a bystander- in the process of bringing our communities one step closer to equality.

My advice to upcoming WSGS grads is to learn how to articulate the massive value of your degree. Be concise, articulate, and confident. Your major and expertise is so needed in our neighborhoods, states, and country right now, and I challenge you to take employers by storm with your value. You belong in every industry, market, and field.