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Lecture by Aurora Levins Morales: “Deep Sustainability: Ecology, Disability, and Justice”

Lecture by Aurora Levins Morales: “Deep Sustainability: Ecology, Disability, and Justice”

"We live in a world in great peril of destruction because our economies have been built on foundations of greed.  In the face of great odds, people have always found ways to resist being dehumanized, exploited and dominated. But now we are at a tipping point.  In order to change human society enough to sustain us, we need to draw many different nuclei of that resistance together, and tap everything we have learned through generations of separate efforts to build peaceful, just and life-sustaining societies.

We need electrons, storytellers who can trace the lines of connection between disability and ecology, peace in the Middle East and the preservation of the Great Lakes, how closing public schools in Black neighborhoods is driven by the same forces deforesting West Africa, how women’s ownership of land can prevent famine, protect soil, and slow climate change. 

I am that kind of  storyteller. 

I use the tools of history and ecology, radical trauma theory and feminist testimonio, poetry and research, documentary and ritual, invention and analysis, healing and confrontation.  My work reaches into many places, and touches many people.  I write, speak at events, make art, collaborate with organizations, teach, mentor and consult, broadcast my ideas, and talk with people. 

You can learn more my public speaking, consulting, teaching, and mentoring by going to WHAT WE CAN DO TOGETHER

I believe storytelling has the power to restore connection and change how people think.  That transformation begins with imagination and hope, and this is the work of poets.   I believe in the power of conversation, within and between communities, of people listening to each other.  That imagination, hope and connection can bind us together into something new.  Into molecules of change." (direct from Aurora Levins Morales homepage) 


MORE INFORMATION ON AURORA L. MORALES AT http://www.auroralevinsmorales.com/