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Grade Point Average Calculator

The GPA calculator can help you predict your GPA for the current semester and your cumulative GPA for all the courses you have taken at Loyola. To use the calculator, follow the directions below.

(This calculator is best used with the cumulative GPA, credit hour and quality point information from your Unofficial Transcript. (View your Unofficial Transcript and learn about these terms).

Current Term: Enter the course title, number of credit hours and letter grade (or predicted letter grade) for each course you are currently taking, then the GPA calculator will calculate the number of quality points you will receive for each course.

Note: The calculator is not associated with LOCUS. Its calculations are based only on the data you enter.

Course Title Credit Hours
(.5 - 200)
Letter Grade
(A, A-, B+, etc.)
Quality Points    
Predicted GPA: Click Compute to view your predicted GPA for the courses you entered above. Every time you change the numbers you entered above, click Compute again to recalculate your predicted GPA. Credit/no credit and/or pass/no pass courses that do not factor into your GPA should not be listed.
Predicted GPA
(based on input above)
Credit Hours GPA Quality Points
Enter the cumulative credit hours off the transcript but reduce the hours for those credit bearing courses listed on your transcript as credit/no credit or pass/no pass. Credit/pass courses count towards CUM Hours but they are not calculated in the GPA. Example UNIV 101 "pass/no pass" for credit only. Now enter the cumulative GPA as shown on your current transcript. Leave the "Quality Points" box empty, and then click Compute. The GPA calculator will calculate the quality points you have earned for the completed courses on your transcript. View your Unofficial Transcript
Cumulative GPA
(from current transcript)
Credit Hours GPA Quality Points
Predicted Cumulative GPA: Leave the boxes below empty and click Compute. The GPA calculator will factor your predicted GPA (for the courses you entered above) into your cumulative GPA (for the completed courses on your transcript). Every time you change the numbers above, click Compute to recalculate your predicted cumulative GPA.
Predicted Cumulative GPA Credit Hours
GPA Quality Points

This GPA calculator was designed and modified by Patricia Hoffmann. It reflects the Loyola University Chicago point system and grade values beginning Fall 2004.  It was adapted from a basic template created by Thomas O'Brien.