from the Crawford Mansions Unveiling
(April 2008)

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Crawford Mansions

Craig Raine recalls T. S. Eliot's life
in 1916-20, when he lived with
Vivien at 18 Crawford Mansions

Sean O'Brien reads
from Eliot's work

The plaque, veiled

Lord Mayor Carolyn Keen and
Valerie Eliot do the honors


A closer view

Mrs. Eliot
looking reminiscent

Poets O'Brien and Raine,
Valerie Eliot, Lord Mayor Keene

Well wishers, including Eliot Society members;
Robert Davis, Westminster Cabinet Member
for Planning (center, in blue suit);
Crawford Mansions residents

Scholar and author Rosamond Richardson;
Eliot Society member Iman Javadi;
Beatrice Srivastava (current occupant of
Eliot's flat); Eliot Society member
John Morgenstern; Gillian Dawson,
Westminster City Council

Crawford Mansions resident Tina Jodla; John Morgenstern; Iman Javadi; Beatrice Srivastava

Photos: David Ayers, Iman Javadi, John Morgenstern, and Beatrice Srivastava

Documents from the City of Westminster

Cabinet Member Report

Press Release