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International Jesuit Ecology Project

International Jesuit Ecology Project

is pleased to present:

Healing Earth, a living environmental science e-textbook, aimed at heightening awareness of our planet’s environmental issues through the added perspectives of ethics, spirituality and action. This textbook was written by 90 scholars from Jesuit universities around the world. It is a free online e-textbook for first year university students, fourth year secondary school students and adult learners.

healing earth

Stay Tuned:

January 1, 2016 is the official launch date of Healing Earth,
a free online environmental science e-textbook.

Learn more about Healing Earth through two Live Webinars

 October 15, 2015 at 8 a.m. CST
 October 15, 2015 at 8 p.m. CST

Both webinars will be held in English and Spanish.

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Case Studies

Our case study section is a hallmark of each of Healing Earth’s six chapters. Students are provided with detailed information surrounding an environmental issue (like uranium mining) and asked to consider the issue through a scientific and ethical lens. After these careful considerations, students must ask what type of action people can take to solve these environmental problems. Click on our Case Study samples, below, to read more. 

 Biodiversity Case Study: Kakadu and the Mirarr 

‌Kakadu is Australia’s largest national park. It is located in the tropical north, covering over 20,000 square kilometers of land from the northern coast and estuaries, across floodplains and lowlands, to the rocky ridges on the south.  

For thousands of years, the living things in this rich environment have coevolved, each plant and animal species occupying distinct yet interdependent ecological niches. Diverse biomes like these provide necessary services for life on Earth, such as carbon sequestration, oxygen production, waste decomposition, and water and air purification. Added values for human beings include nutritious food, precious minerals, recreational opportunities, and spiritual enrichment.

In 1969, uranium was discovered in Kakadu.

Read the entire case study on Kakadu and the Mirarr

 Closer Look

‌Another feature of Healing Earth is our “Closer Look” section in which we invite students to dig deeper with regards to the information presented. Take a look at our samples below.

Closer Look: Scientific Method

See this short video for an example of how to use the scientific method.