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Career Week 2015: Online. On Paper. In Person. | Programs: January 27 - February 3, 2015


SOC Organization Fair

SOC Spring Organization Fair - Wednesday, January 21st

"Gather Up The Fragments"

"Dance and technology collaboration is a wave of the future"

Ignatian Heritage Speech Contest

Ignatian Heritage Speech Contest

School of Communication

Kailee Phelps: Volunteer work means the world to this student

When asked to describe Kailee Phelps, her professors use words such as “remarkable,” “energetic,” and “a true person for others.” But Phelps is more than a community volunteer. She’s excelled in the classroom as well, making the Dean’s list every semester at Loyola.   READ MORE

Dynamic Duo: For Team Hoover, Collaboration is Key

The two also recently won Best Short Screenplay at the 2014 Comedy Ninja Film Festival for their short, “The Oblate.”

Debate Team Victory

Debate Team Victory

Researching Yelp

Loyola Public Relations Professor David Kamerer is researching Yelp’s filtering process to find out how and why Yelp decides some reviews might be fake or spam.

Meet our Alumni: Lou Canellis

"I tell every high school student who's thinking about college that one of the big reasons why I didn't have to start my career in a small market is because I went to Loyola in the city."

LeeAnn Shelton

As a professor, Shelton is all about pushing people out of their comfort zones.

Loyola Longform Debuts 'Working In Chicago'

People who take on hard jobs with long hours: Working in Chicago

Loyola Debaters Victorious At Rambler Debate Tournament

Loyola Debaters Victorious At Rambler Debate Tournament

Storytelling in Santiago

Loyola Students Return From Unique Mission To Santiago, Chile

Loyola Sends Off Beloved Professor

Instructor of journalism, Pulitzer Prize finalist, and longtime Chicago Tribune editor Don Wycliff retired from his journalism career this year, and Loyola’s School of Communication saw it fit to throw him a party.

New MS Program to Give Students Global Perspective, International Communication Skills

This is a hybrid advertising, public relations, communication and social media program designed to give students a broader global perspective and prepare them to work internationally.

High School Digital Media 2014

The goal of the High School Digital Storytelling Workshop is not only to teach students about digital technology, but also offer them a broader perspective on their world.

Senn Students Visit SOC

The field trip to Loyola’s School of Communication offered Senn students exposure to college-level instruction in digital journalism.

SOC Instructor Awarded Top Honors

It’s not every day that a Loyola professor wins an Emmy. But video and documentary professor John Goheen has now gone beyond that - he’s being inducted into the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ Silver Circle.

Journalism Mentor Program at Senn High School

Wednesday through Friday, SPJ volunteers work with students improve their writing skills and spend their time teaching journalism staples like how to construct a news lead. The volunteers also have the chance to bring in their own tailored lesson plans to teach to the class.

Meet our Faculty

“I’m interested in how the history of the web gets written and how it gets studied,” said Dougherty, SOC Assistant Professor.

Meet our Alumni

He’s a connoisseur of words, quick to quote Abraham Lincoln or poet Carl Sandburg. And it works for him. After all, he’s a public relations professional; he deals in the trade of words.

Rust Belt Cities Photography Exhibit

De Perlinghi said that at least he’s done what he can do: share the story.

Loyola Phoenix Wins Top Awards

The paper’s editorial staff and student writers left the Illinois College Press Association (ICPA) convention February 22 weighed down by some hefty awards.

Weekend ‘tech fast’ gives students a taste of life without smartphones

Loyola instructor Richelle Rogers takes her communication and new media students out of their virtual world by assigning them a “tech fast”— a weekend without smartphones or computers.  

SIMLab Opening

“We want to bring the humanity back into technology,” said Chee. “It’s a space we hope to have a lot of conversations about society and technology in.”

Digital Storytelling in Santiago

That hope hints at what Goheen cited as the idea behind the digital storytelling trip in the first place: a chance for students to experience a new culture without veering from their academic track.

Loyola debaters awarded first round bid to nationals

Loyola senior Phillip Kraft and first year student Megan Nubel have accepted a first round invitation to attend the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence.

Career Week 2014: Resumes that Pop

“It’s a remarkable opportunity to meet with those professionals who are there with the sole purpose to help Loyola students,” said SOC Director of Internship and Career Services Cheryl McPhilimy.

SOC Organization Fair

From learning how to build professional relationships to writing for a student newspaper, SOC student organizations prepare students for the real world - and real jobs.

Leadership. Scholarship. Service.

Rianne Coale earns President's Medallion

Enthusiastic, enterprising, and hardworking, Rianne Coale embodies the School of Communication’s mission to develop journalism students who can report and tell stories for print, broadcast, and the Internet.  

SOC Media Showcase

“I think it’s very valuable and important for people to have their worked screened publicly and to experience watching their work with other people,” said Aaron Greer, associate professor and showcase coordinator.

Debate Team Competes at Oxford University

The Oxford debates focused on resolutions such as gender testing of athletes. “The interesting aspect of these topics is that they did not come from a United States perspective,” said David Romanelli, who attended the tournament as the team’s coach

New Chile Study Abroad Class Teaches Digital Storytelling

“It really fulfills that desire to experience something outside the U.S. You’re getting class credit, you’re getting international experience and it helps you get some experience of what it’s like in the real world without having to be away for three or four months,” said John Goheen

Meet Our Faculty

SOC Instructor Pushes Students to Achieve

The working world is competitive and constantly changing because of new technology, said Richelle Rogers. She tries to adapt her classes to skills they’ll need in the careers by making sure they can write, shoot, edit and think critically.

Meet Our Faculty

Society, Technology and Games

“It’s not enough to study the tools, you have to study the social issues behind it,” said Dr. Florence Chee, “In communication and in everyday, we’re bombarded with the flashy things. We don’t always dig deep and think about why and how we use these technologies.”

British Debate was Brilliant

Philip Kraft, Loyola debate team president, said that they learned a great deal from the British debaters both during and after the debate. “It was great that we had some time to sit down with them and talk about different strategies used in international competitions” Kraft said.

Health Communication Offers New Career Options

“I think anyone who’s open to exploring an interesting career opportunity or career path,” said Associate Professor Marjorie Kruvand. “To succeed in health communication you don’t need to know a lot about medicine or health, you don’t have to be a science whiz, you just have to have the interest and be willing to learn.”

Loyola Students’ Film Screened at Cannes

“I think we learned a lot about film as an industry in the business sense, which is hard to teach in the classroom,” said Taylor Banasik, “The film industry encompasses so many jobs, you wouldn’t even imagine.”

Something to Talk About:

Keeping up with the lightning-fast pace of the digital world has proved to be quite a challenge for the students in the Communication and New Media class. They devote each moment of their group time to doing everything from updating blog posts to fixing formatting glitches.

Dutch Communication Students Visit Loyola

Loyola’s School of Communication went international on Oct. 11 when a delegation of 30 Dutch communication students visited Chicago. After their stay in Chicago, they will travel to Boston and New York City.

Loyola Skater Aiming for the Olympics in Russia

Koris is a full-time student, which means balancing her athletic training and schoolwork can be challenging. She currently skates every day, three days a week figure skating in Chicago and four days speed skating in Milwaukee at the closest long track skating rink, where she can practice 500 and 1000 meter races.

Student Photographers Explore Historic Churches

“There’s a lot of history here, but a lot of challenges too,” said Associate Dean John Slania, “These historic churches tell the history of Chicago.” Many of these churches are aging and need millions of dollars to return them to their original condition.

New Crop of Loyola Debaters off to a Solid Start

Alumna Christina Riepel said, “The new prospects look promising for LUC!” They will get another chance to show their stuff in competition at McKendree University in mid-October

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