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School of Communication

Faculty & Staff Directory

School of Communication Administration

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Don Heider, Ph.D. Dean
School of Communication 235 312.915.6548
dheider AT luc DOT edu
John Slania Associate Dean
Senior Professional in Residence
School of Communication 237 312.915.6524
jslania AT luc DOT edu
Shawna Cooper-Gibson, Ed. D. Assistant Dean School of Communication 239 312.915.6548
scoopergibson AT luc DOT edu
Ralph Braseth, Ph.D. Manager of Student Media School of Communication 236 312.915.6859
rbraseth AT luc DOT edu
Jamason Chen Manager of Technology for the SOC
Clinical Professor
School of Communication 101 312.915.6936
jchen4 AT luc DOT edu
Justyna Canning Business Manager School of Communication, 230 312.915.6563
jcanning AT luc DOT edu
Cheryl McPhilimy Director of Internship and Career Services School of Communication 223A 312.915.6939
cmcphil AT luc DOT edu
Jim Collins TV Studio Manager
Rambler Productions Manager
School of Communication 103 312.915.6808
jcollin AT luc DOT edu
Michelle Bukowski Administrative Assistant School of Communication 201 312.915.7740
mbukowski AT luc DOT edu
Doretha Tyler-Gant Administrative Assistant School of Communication 234 312.915.7734
dtyler AT luc DOT edu
Meghan Ashbrock Event Coordinator School of Communication 223B 312.915.6972
mashbrock AT luc DOT edu
Andrea (Andi) Pacheco Video Production Coordinator School of Communication 004 312.915.8830
apacheco AT luc DOT edu
Evan Gutierrez Partnership Coordinator School of Communication 223E 312.915.6052
egutierrez3 AT luc DOT edu
Katherine Murphy Graduate Assistant Dean's Office 312.915.6979
kmurphy25 AT luc DOT edu

WLUW Radio

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Eleni Kametas General Manager - WLUW TSC 314 Baumhart 773.915.8805
ekametas1 At luc Dot edu

School of Communication Faculty

Name Title Office # Phone/E-mail
Jessica Brown Professional in Residence School of Communication 218 312.915.7726
Jbrown7 AT luc DOT edu
Florence M. Chee, Ph.D. Assistant Professor School of Communication 206 312.915.6935
fchee AT luc DOT edu
Elizabeth Coffman, Ph.D. Associate Professor School of Communication 219 312.915.6716
ecoffma AT luc DOT edu
Meghan Dougherty, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Digital Communication School of Communication 223D 312.915.8834
mdougherty AT luc DOT edu
Patricia Kay Felkins, Ph.D. Associate Professor School of Communication 205 312.915.6577
kfelkin AT luc DOT edu
Connie Fletcher, Ph.D. Associate Professor School of Communication 210 312.915.6819
cfletch AT luc DOT edu
John Goheen Instructor Lewis Towers 910B 312.915.8537
jgoheen AT luc DOT edu
Aaron Greer, M.F.A Associate Professor
Program Director Film and Digital Media Program
School of Communication 203 312.915.6827
agreer1 AT luc DOT edu
Jeffery Harder, MFA Associate Professor Lewis Towers 908 312.915.6896
jharder AT luc DOT edu
Lee Hood, Ph.D. Assistant Professor Lewis Towers 910A 312.915.8538
lhood1 AT luc DOT edu
David Kamerer, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Public Relations and New Media Lewis Towers 909 312-915-8536
dkamerer AT luc DOT edu
Beth Konrad Program Director Journalism Program
Senior Professional In Residence
School of Communication 214 312.915.6534
bkonrad AT luc DOT edu
Marjorie Kruvand, Ph.D. Associate Professor/ Program Director, MS in Global Strategic Communication School of Communication 211 312-915-7729
mkruvand AT luc DOT edu
Lauren I. Labrecque Assistant Professor Maguire 434 312.915.6667
llabrecqueAT LUC DOT edu
Patricia Lamberti Professional in Residence—Journalism and New Media
Program Director Masters in Communication: Digital Storytelling
School of Communication 223C 312.915.6860
plamberti AT luc DOT edu
Michael Limón Instructor School of Communication 220 312-915-6929
mlimon AT luc DOT edu
Elizabeth Lozano, Ph.D. Associate Professor Lewis Towers 905 312.915.7768
elozano AT luc DOT edu
Annette Markham, Ph. D. Affiliate Professor
Pamela Morris, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Advertising and Integrated Marketing
Lewis Towers 904 312.915.6905
pmorris1 AT luc DOT edu
Bren Murphy, Ph.D. Professor School of Communication 217, WTC College of Arts & Sciences - Cuneo Hall 306, LSC 312.915.6907
bmurphy AT luc DOT edu
Gilda Parrella, Ph.D. Associate Professor Lewis Towers 903 312.915.6556
gparrel AT luc DOT edu
Mark Pollock, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Program Director Communication Studies
Lewis Towers 907 312.915.6912
mpolloc AT luc DOT edu
Herb Ritchell Professional in Residence
Program Director Advertising/Public Relations and AD/PR Internship Coordinator
School of Communication 216 312.915.6528
hritche AT luc DOT edu
Hannah Rockwell, Ph.D. Professor School of Communication 237 312.915.6847
hrockwe AT luc DOT edu
Richelle Rogers Instructor School of Communication 204 312.915.6861
rrogers2 AT luc DOT edu
David Romanelli Senior Instructor
Loyola Debating Society Coach
Lewis Towers 902 312.915.6919
dromane AT luc DOT edu
Luke Strosnider Instructor School of Communication 220 312.915.6929
lstrosnider AT luc DOT edu
Bastiaan Vanacker, Ph.D. Associate Professor
Program Director Center for Digital Ethics and Policy
School of Communication 212 312.915.6526
bvanacker AT luc DOT edu
Frank Wirth Professional in Residence--Advertising Lewis Towers 906 312.915.6091
fwirth AT luc DOT edu

School of Communication Adjunct Faculty

Adjunct Faculty Information

Advertising and Public Relations

Communication Studies

Film and Digital Media Studies



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