Five-Year Programs

In addition to the many options available for undergraduate degrees, Loyola also offers compressed undergraduate/graduate programs in business, criminal justice, education, nursing, and social work. Majors noted with an asterisk (*) indicate that you will take classes at both the Lake Shore and Water Tower Campuses. You'll complete your major coursework for this program at the Water Tower Campus.

Degree ProgramWebsite
BBA/MBA  Visit BBA/MBA website
BBA/MSA Accountancy* Visit BBA/MSA Accountancy Website
BA Advertising and Public Relations/MS Integrated Marketing Communication  
BS/MS Applied Statistics Visit BS/MS Applied Statistics Website 
BS/MS Biochemistry  
BS Biology/MBA* Visit BS Biology/MBA Website
BS Biology/MEd Secondary Education Visit BS Biology/MEd Secondary Education Website
BA Chemistry/MEd Secondary Education Visit BA Chemistry/MEd Secondary Education Website
BS/MS Chemistry  
BS/MA Criminal Justice and Criminology Visit BS/MA Criminal Justice and Criminology Website
BA/MA English  
BS Environmental Sciences/MBA  
BA Environmental Studies/MBA  Visit BA Environmental Studies/MBA Website
BS Health Systems Management/MBA  
BA/MA History Visit BA/MA Website 
BS/MS Information Technology Visit BS/MS Information Technology Website
BA/MSIMC Integrated Marketing Communications Visit BA/MSIMC Integrated Marketing Communications Website
BS/MS Mathematics Visit BS/MS Mathematics Website
BS Physics/MEd Secondary Education Visit BA Physics/MEd Secondary Education Website
BA/MA Political Science Visit BA/MA Political Science Website
BS Psychology/MA Applied Social Psychology  
BSW/MSW Social Work* Visit BSW/MSW Social Work Website
BA/MA Sociology Visit BA/MA Sociology Website
BS/MS Software Engineering Visit BS/MS Software Engineering Website
BA/MA Theology  

Center for Experiential Learning

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Biodiesel Program

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Leonard Gingerella

Loyola faculty members are just as ambitious as our students. Take Leonard Gingerella: he's a business founder, a senior member of two successful companies, and a clinical professor at Loyola.

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The Jesuit Network

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Interdisciplinary Honors Program

Discover our Interdisciplinary Honors Program, specially designed for high-achieving students.

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Asma Kadri

Most students hope that a college education will help them launch a successful career. Asma Kadri has already landed a position as Director of Customer Relations and Marketing with Loyola Limited, the University's student-run enterprise.

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Welcome to Santa Clara Hall

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Wickel Titalom

Opportunities abound at Loyola, and Wickel Titalom has taken advantage of many of them. From double-majoring in two challenging fields to participating in multiple student organizations to landing multiple internships, Wickel is doing everything he can to prepare for an extraordinary future.

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