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5-year BS/MS in Chemistry or Biochemistry

The 5-Year BS/MS program allows currently Loyola University Chicago undergraduate students to obtain both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in a compressed time period. This program structure is beneficial for those planning to take a gap year between undergraduate graduation, medical school, dental school, or other higher education.  The research experience and courses with faculty you know and love allow you to build the references that will help you successfully transition to your next step. Your coursework keeps your chemical intuition sharp when preparing for admissions tests.

Students complete the bachelor's degree, but also take two graduate courses as undergraduates their senior year that count toward both their Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. By doing so, the 6 additional graduate courses can be finished in a single year for this 4+1 program.  

Career Outcomes

Students are highly successful in moving on to medical school or other career goals.  Check out for success stories of those completing the 5-Year BS/MS program in Chemistry.

Program Structure

Students apply to the program their junior year.  Admitted applicants will complete the BS degree during Senior year, and officially begin the Graduate program during the 5th. Two courses completed during the Senior year are to be taken at the 400-level, and will count towards both the BS and MS requirements. On the 5th year, six graduate courses will be taken at the 400-level. Altogether, successful completion of the BS/MS will result in 24 credit hours of Graduate coursework. 

Special BS/MS Admissions Requirements

In addition to the standard application materials, applicants to the BS/MS program must also have the following:

-3.3 cumulative GPA

3.3 chemistry GPA in at least 7 lecture courses (plus labs)

-Junior level standings

-At least 3 courses at the 300 level chemistry lecture courses

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Interested students are encouraged to contact the Graduate Program Director, Dr. Jacob Ciszek, at jciszek@luc.edu more information.