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150th Anniversary Standards

University Marketing and Communication

150th Anniversary Guidelines

Our Shared Heritage

The Legend of the Wolf and Kettle

Many years ago, in the Basque country of Spain, there lived a prosperous and generous family who, after feeding family, retainers, and soldiers, had enough left over to feed even the wild animals. To commemorate this act of generosity, a carving of two wolves eating at a cauldron (above) was placed over the lintel of the family’s home in Loyola, Spain.

Many centuries later, St. Ignatius of Loyola would be born into this family and would go on to establish the Jesuit order and change the world. Today, we celebrate this fundamental act of generosity, which has become the heraldic shield of the Loyola family, the symbol of this University, and a fitting tribute to Loyolans and the spirit of generosity that makes so much possible.

150th Anniversary Artwork

Modern Retro

Loyola’s anniversary mark embraces the central symbol of a nearly 500-year-tradition of excellence and care: the wolf and kettle. This version is confident and contemporary—a reflection that even as we celebrate 150 years of achievement, we look forward.

We have also drafted guidelines for how to properly apply the logo across materials and communication channels. The guidelines can be found here as a PDF.

Download 150th Anniversary Logo Guidelines