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Climate Change Conference

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Accompanying Youth to a Hope-filled Future

Loyola University Chicago is pleased to announce our 2020 climate change conference

March 12-13, 2020





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 Across the country, the climate crisis has mobilized young people to action. 

Twenty-three-year-old Kelsey Juliana is suing the United States government for her constitutional right to a livable planet. Teenager Tokata Iron Eyes organizes and advocates for indigenous rights and against fossil fuel interests as part of the Standing Rock Youth. Listen to their stories, respond, and become inspired to act on behalf of the planet during Loyola’s sixth climate change conference.

Panel topics will include:

  • how climate change is driving displacement and the climate migrant’s plight,
  • an intergenerational conversation between our keynote climate activists and their mentors, 
  • climate advocacy through art, and
  • Chicago youth activists. 

Climate Strike Dance for Change