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Undergraduate Programs

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School/Program Website Brochure
Fine and Performing Arts Details (PDF)
Humanities Details (PDF)
Interdisciplinary Studies Details (PDF)
Sciences Details (PDF)
Social Sciences Details (PDF)
Actuarial Science 1  
Anthropology (B.A., B.S.) Details (PDF)
Art History (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Asian Languages and Literatures 1 Details (PDF)
Asian Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Bioethics 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Bioinformatics (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Biology (B.S.) Details (PDF)
  Ecology 5  
  Molecular Biology (B.S.) 5  
Biophysics (B.S.) Details (PDF)
Biostatistics 1, 4  
Black World Studies (B.A.) 4 Details (PDF)
Catholic Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Ceramics (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Chemistry (B.A., B.S.) Details (PDF)
  Biochemistry (offered with Chemistry B.S. only) 5  
Classical Civilization (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Communications Networks and Security (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)
Comparative Literature 1 Details (PDF)
Computer Crime and Forensics 1  
Computer Science (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)
Criminal Justice (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)
Dance 1 Details (PDF)
Drawing and Painting (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Economics (B.A.) 3 Details (PDF)
English (B.A.) Details (PDF)
  Creative Writing 5  
Environmental Action and Leadership 1 Details (PDF)
Environmental Science (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Environmental Studies (B.A.) 4 Details (PDF)
Forensic Science (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
French (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Greek (Ancient) (B.A.) Details (PDF)
History (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Human Services (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Information Technology (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)
International Film and Media Studies (B.A.) 4 Details (PDF)
  Media Studies 5  
  Production 5  
International Studies (B.A.) 4 Details (PDF)
Islamic World Studies 1 Details (PDF)
Italian (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Latin (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Latin American Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Literature in Translation 1  
Mathematics (B.S.) Details (PDF)
Mathematics and Computer Science (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Math Education (B.S.)(only as dual-degree with Secondary Education [B.S.Ed.])  
Medieval Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Music (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Musical Theatre 1 Details (PDF)
Natural Science 1 Details (PDF)
Neuroscience 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Operations Research 1, 4  
Pastoral Leadership 1 Details (PDF)
Peace Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Philosophy (B.A.) Details (PDF)
  Social Justice (B.A.) 5 Details (PDF)
  Ethics and Moral Philosophy 1  
Photography (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Physics (B.S.) Details (PDF)
Physics and Computer Science (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Physics and Engineering (Dual B.S. degrees) 4 Details (PDF)
Political Science (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Polish Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Psychology (B.S.) Details (PDF)
  Human Services 5  
  Natural Sciences 5  
  Social Sciences 5  
Psychology of Crime and Justice 1, 4  
Religious Studies (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Rome Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Sociology (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Sociology and Anthropology (B.A.) 4  
Software Development (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)
Spanish (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Statistics (B.S.) Details (PDF)
Theatre (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Theology (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics (B.S.) 4 Details (PDF)
Urban Studies 1, 4 Details (PDF)
Visual Communication (B.A.)
Women's Studies and Gender Studies (B.A.)4 Details (PDF)

Pre-Professional Programs
Programs of study are offered in: pre-law, pre-engineering and in pre-health professions, which prepare students to enter schools of medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry and veterinary medicine, among others. Students in all these programs enroll in an academic-subject major. undergradprograms_preprof.shtml: Loyola University Chicago
School/Program Website Brochure
Pre-Engineering Details (PDF)
Pre-Health Details (PDF)
Pre-Law Details (PDF)

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School/Program Website Brochure
Quinlan School of Business  
(B.B.A.) 3  
Accounting (B.B.A.) 3  
Economics (B.B.A.) 3  
Entrepreneurship (B.B.A.) 3  
Finance (B.B.A.) 3  
Human Resource Management (B.B.A.) 3  
Information Systems (B.B.A.) 3  
International Business (B.B.A.) 3  
Management (B.B.A.) 3  
Marketing (B.B.A.) 3  
Operations Management (B.B.A.) 3  
Sport Management (B.B.A.) 3  

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School/Program Website Brochure
School of Communication Details (PDF)
Advertising and Public Relations (B.A.) 3, 4 Details (PDF)
Communication Studies (B.A.) Details (PDF)
Journalism (B.A.) 3, 4 Details (PDF)

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School/Program Website Brochure
School of Education Details (PDF)
Bilingual/Bicultural Education: K-9 (B.S.Ed.), includes English as a second language Details (PDF)
Early Childhood/Special Education: Birth to 3rd Grade (B.S.Ed.) Details (PDF)
Elementary Education: K-9 (B.S.Ed.), includes a middle grade (5-8) specialization in art, foreign languages, history, language arts, life sciences, mathematics, music or theatre Details (PDF)
International Higher Education (M.Ed.) Details
Mathematics Education (B.S.Ed.): K-9 Details (PDF)
Organizational Evaluation (M.Ed.) Details
Science Education: K-9 (B.S.Ed.) Details (PDF)
Secondary Education major and foreign languages: K-12 (B.S.Ed.), completed with certification and one of the following majors in the College of Arts and Sciences: biology, chemistry, English, French, history, Italian, Latin, mathematics, political science, psychology or Spanish Details (PDF)
Special Education: K-12, Learning Behavior Specialist (B.S.Ed.) Details (PDF)

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School/Program Website Brochure
School of Nursing Details (PDF)
Health Systems Management (B.S.) Details (PDF)
Nursing (B.S.N.) Details (PDF)
Accelerated B.S.N. Details (PDF)

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School/Program Website Brochure
School of Continuing and Professional Studies Details (PDF)
Emergency Medical Systems 1 
Exercise Physiology (B.S.) 
Healthcare Emergency Management (B.S.)  
Professional Certificates 
Managerial Arts and Leadership (B.A.), with concentrations in: 
  Business Communication 
  Integrated Marketing Communications 
  Organizational Development and Leadership 
  Organizational Psychology 
  Social Services and Non-Profit Management 
Management with Paralegal Studies Certificate Option (B.A.)  
Paralegal Studies 
Pre-Collegiate Summer Scholars 
Summer Sessions 

undergradprograms_ssw.shtml: Loyola University Chicago
School/Program Website Brochure
Social Work (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)

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1 This indicates a minor. Only minors without comparable majors are listed. Most Loyola majors have a corresponding minor. For more information about minors, please check with the appropriate school or college.
2 These programs may ALSO be completed at the Water Tower Campus.
3 These programs may ONLY be completed at the Water Tower Campus.
4 This is an interdisciplinary program, which integrates coursework from multiple disciplines so that students may explore converging topics from various viewpoints.
5 This is an emphasis within another major area of study.

Loyola frequently adds new majors to meet student needs and interests. Check this Website periodically for updates.