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About the School of Social Work

The mission of the Bachelor of Social Work (B.S.W.) program at Loyola University Chicago is to prepare students for entrance into the profession as beginning-level generalists in social work practice.

Founded in 1914 and accredited since 1921, Loyola University Chicago's School of Social Work is the oldest Catholic School of Social Work in the United States. It provides undergraduate social work education (B.S.W.) and graduate social work education (M.S.W. and Ph.D.). The curriculum addresses contemporary practice, community and social issues encountered by social workers in their professional work. The NASW Code of Ethics is incorporated as an integral part of the generalist practice approach, reflecting professional social work values, including the Jesuit heritage of emphasis on the worth and dignity of individuals, as well as on social and economic justice.


Contact Us

Water Tower Campus
Lewis Towers 1200
820 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-915-7005
Fax: 312-915-7645
E-mail: socialwork@luc.edu
Website: www.luc.edu/socialwork

Office of the Dean
Dean: Jack C. Wall, Ph.D.
Associate Dean: James Marley, Ph.D
Assistant Dean: Stephanie Chapman, MSW
Director of Internships, Programs, and Student Services: James Fogerty, A.M.
B.S.W. Program Director: Jeanne Sokolec, Ph.D
Academic Advisor Coordinator: Yolanda Golden, MSW



Academic Advising

First-year and second-year students are advised through the Office of University Advising.

Prospective students: Students seeking information about the Bachelor of Social Work degree can meet with meet with the program’s director to discuss specific program requirements and schedule planning. Advising appointments take into account the student's work schedule.

Current students: School of Social Work advisors work with enrolled students on degree plans as well as offer support and advice about academic issues and problems. To make an appointment with an academic advisor, contact the School of Social Work at 312.915.7706.


Degree Program


School Requirements

2 Writing Intensive Courses:
  • 1 in the Major - either SOWK 201 or SOWK 305
  • 1 Writing Intensive elective

Students must pass social work courses (ex. SOWK 201) with a grade of “C” or higher. Students can receive a grade of “C-“ for core classes or courses related for major.


University Core Curriculum

For specific information, please refer to the University Core Curriculum section in Academic Rules and Regulations or visit the University Core Curriculum Website at www.luc.edu/core. Specific suggestions on how to fulfill the Core through the School of Social Work are detailed below.

Knowledge AreasSchool Recommended Courses
College Writing Seminar (3 credit hours)UCWR 110 (Required as a prerequisite for writing-intensive courses)
Artistic Knowledge (3 credit hours) 
Historical Knowledge (6 credit hours) 
Quantitative Analysis (3 credit hours)STAT 103 and PSYC 304
Literary Knowledge and Experience (6 credit hours) 
Philosophic Knowledge (6 credit hours)PHIL 182 or 184 or 186 (3 hours)
Scientific Literacy (6 credit hours)PSYC 101 and (NTSC 103 or 104 or 108 or 109)
Societal and Cultural Understanding (6 credit hours)SOCL 101 and PLSC 101
Theological and Religious Studies (6 credit hours) 
Ethics (3 credit hours)PHIL 182 or 184 or 186

Major and Program Details

undergradprograms_ssw.shtml: Loyola University Chicago
School/Program Website Brochure
Social Work (B.S.) 3 Details (PDF)

Field Placement

All students who plan to graduate with a B.S.W. degree must fulfill the requirement of a one-year practicum in a community agency designed and approved by the School of Social Work.

The application for admission to the social work practicum courses (330 and 340) must be submitted in writing to the coordinator of field work. A personal interview also is required. Students are not to contact agencies to set up a field placement without approval of the coordinator of field work. Applications and interviews for the field practicum are scheduled during February and March of each year, and all students planning to begin the practicum must successfully complete the interview and the application process.

Students must have satisfactorily completed or anticipate completion of SOWK 200, 201, 301, 305, and 390 prior to the fall of their senior year in order to participate in the application process for the field practicum. Ordinarily, the one-year field is designed as a two-semester (330 and 340), two full days each week, 480 hours a year placement, in which students are required to assume the duties of a professional social worker. The field courses (330 and 340) must each be passed with a grade of "C" or above. If a student receives a grade below "C" in either course, both field courses must be repeated at another field site.


Honors and Awards

Departmental Honors

In the B.S.W. Program, departmental honors are awarded to seniors who have maintained a cumulative 3.5 grade point average in all courses for the major and ancillary courses. Students seeking departmental honors in their major should consult their departmental advisor or chairperson for further details.

Dean's List

The School of Social Work Dean's List is a semester by semester acknowledgement of those full-time (12 or more semester hours) students who obtain at least a 3.5 grade point average in any given academic semester. Students on the dean's list receive a personal acknowledgement from the dean.