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Policy on Prior Permission to Take Coursework at Other Universities

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Undergraduate students are limited to a total of 12 hours of study at other colleges and universities after they matriculate to Loyola. This includes those who matriculate as freshmen or as transfer students. Transfer students who transferred in with 60 or more hours may not take additional courses elsewhere.

Students may receive prior approval for taking more than 12 hours from another institution when they have been approved to participate in a Loyola-sponsored study abroad program.

Prior permission is required. Students must obtain permission to take a course at another institution prior to enrolling in it. Prior permission will be granted by advisors or the dean, chairperson or program director as outlined below.



Summer Study

Students who wish to take courses during the summer session are encouraged to take courses offered through Loyola's Summer Sessions.

Prior permission may be granted to take a course at another institution only if a comparable course is not offered during Loyola's Summer Sessions. Financial reasons alone (e.g., a course is less expensive than at Loyola) are not sufficient for approval.

An academic advisor may approve courses to fulfill elective credits. A dean, chairperson or program director may approve courses to fulfill major/minor requirements or electives within major/minor requirements.



Core Curriculum Credits

Because of the nature of Loyola's new outcomes-based university Core Curriculum and the pedagogical integration of learning on knowledge, skills and values, all Core classes must be taken at Loyola. Special circumstances for granting exceptions to this policy will be the responsibility of the director of the Core Curriculum.



Completing a Request for Approval

In all cases, the student and the academic advisor (or the dean, chairperson or program director) must complete the following form: Permission to Enroll in Courses at a School Other than Loyola (PDF). The student should meet with his/her academic advisor to discuss requests for permission to take courses at another institution in the summer. The form must be submitted in time to secure permission prior to enrolling in a course at another institution.