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Computation of Academic Grade Point Averages

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The academic grade point average (GPA) at the end of a term is determined by dividing the total number of quality points earned by the total number of attempted graded credit hours carried in the term. Courses taken under the Pass - No Pass Option are not counted in computing academic averages. For example, consider a student taking 15 credit hours for a semester:

CourseCredit HrsGradeCredit PointsQuality Points
UCWR 110 3 hrs C+ 2.33 6.99
ENGL 273 3 hrs B- 2.67 8.01
MATH 100 3 hrs P 0.00 0.00
PLSC 101 3 hrs B+ 3.33 9.99
HIST 103 3 hrs B 3.00 9.00

This student has 12 graded hours. The total Quality Points are 33.99. To compute the semester average, quality points are divided by total graded hours. The average here is 2.83. The cumulative grade point average is figured by adding each semester's quality points and dividing by the total number of graded credit hours.

Courses with the grade of "I" are not counted in the total credit hours until they have been replaced by a permanent final grade. If the grade of "I" is not replaced with a permanent final grade within six weeks of the following semester, the "I" will be replaced automatically at the end of that period with a grade of "F" and this grade will be computed into the academic average.

No grades earned by a student for courses taken at a college other than Loyola or at a program or college not formally affiliated with Loyola shall be computed into Loyola's term or cumulative grade point averages. Transfer credit will count toward the number of hours required for graduation from Loyola, but will not be reflected on grade reports under cumulative average.