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Earning Two Majors or Two Baccalaureate Degrees

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Double Majors

Students may complete two Bachelor of Arts degrees or two Bachelor of Science degrees within 120 hours. To do this, students must complete the Core requirements and the requirements of both academic majors.

Completing 2 Baccalaureate Degrees

Students may complete 2 Baccalaureate degrees within 120 hours. To do this, students must complete the Core requirements and the requirements of both baccalaureate degree programs.

Students who complete the requirements for a major leading to a Bachelor of Arts and a major leading to a Bachelor of Science in the College of Arts and Sciences will be awarded both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science.

Students can complete 2 Baccalaureate degrees granted by different Colleges and Schools within 120 hours. This includes but is not limited to: BS/BSW; BS/BBA; BS/BBA; BA or BS/B.Ed; BSW/BBA; BA/BSN

Students whose primary major is in a college other than Business and do not intend to pursue a second Bachelor's in Business are restricted to taking a maximum of 32 hours in Business courses.

In affiliation with various accredited engineering schools, Loyola University Chicago offers a Dual-Degree Program in Physics and Engineering, which enables a student to receive within five years a B.S. degree in Physics from Loyola and a B.S. degree in Engineering from one of the affiliated schools. Students typically attend Loyola for three years of study in the physical sciences and liberal arts, and then complete the program with two more years at the engineering school. For more information see www.luc.edu/depts/physics/currp1.html

Dual Degree Programs

Loyola University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to complete a Baccalaureate degree and a Masters degree within 5 years. These include, but are not limited to: BBA/MSA in Accountancy; BBA/MBA; BBA/MS in Information Systems Management; B.B.A./M.S.I.M.C. Integrated Marketing Communications; B.S. in Biology/MBA; BS/MS in Criminal Justice; BS in Environmental Studies/MBA; BS/MS in Mathematics; BS in Mathematics/MS in Computer Science; BA/MA in Political Science; BS/MA in Applied Social Psychology; BA/MA in Sociology; BSW/MSW.

The Loyola University School of Law, in conjunction with the College of Arts and Sciences, offers a 6 year Baccalaureate/Juris Doctor program that provides an opportunity for a limited number of exceptionally well-qualified Loyola students to enter the School of Law after completing their junior year of undergraduate study and taking the LSAT (the Law School Admission Test). Students participating in this accelerated admission program attain their Bachelor's degree following successful completion of the first year of law school and their law degree (Juris Doctor) after completing all of their law school studies. Careful and early planning is needed to achieve accelerated admission. Students should see the pre-law advisor during their freshman year to plan accordingly.