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Emergency Withdraw Policy

Policy: Illinois Student Debt Assistance


The Illinois Student Debt Assistance Act (the “Act”) was signed into law on May 27, 2022.  Section 20 (a) of the Act requires that, beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, institutions of higher education have a policy instituting a financial or physical hardship withdrawal process. According to the Act, the process must work to limit debt owed by students who have to withdraw from the institution due to a significant financial or physical hardship and to assist those students if and when they choose to re-enroll.

I     Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to demonstrate Loyola University of Chicago’s (the “University”) compliance with Section 20 (a) of the Act. This policy should also be read in conjunction other University policies related to Student Financial Aid and Student Accounts.

II    Scope

The policy applies when a student completely withdraws from their academic enrollment at the University due to a Significant  Financial or Physical Hardship and such withdrawal occurs after the 100% tuition credit date has passed. The 100% tuition  credit date is published at  Loyola Withdraw Schedule. The policy addresses the impact such Significant Hardship Withdrawal has on the Student’s Account Balance owed to the University on the Significant Hardship Withdrawal Effective Date. The policy does not address the impact of a Significant Hardship Withdrawal on the student’s academic record or ability to complete their degree.   

III   Definitions

Certain terms used in this policy are defined as follows:

  • Withdraw / Withdrawal: A complete withdrawal from all courses in which a student is enrolled during an academic term.  Such withdrawal is noted on the student’s official academic record by the University Registrar.
  • Withdrawing Student: Refers to the individual enrolled in courses at the University in pursuit of a degree and who is requesting a Significant Hardship Withdrawal.
  • Significant Financial or Physical Hardship: Includes the following:

(1) Serious injury or illness of the Withdrawing Student;

(2) Chronic illness of the Withdrawing Student;

(3) A medical issue of a family member in which the Withdrawing Student has to become a part-time or full time caretaker of that family member;

(4) A mental health condition of the Withdrawing Student;

(5) A sudden or consistent lack of transportation which affected the Withdrawing Student’s ability to meet in person attendance course requirements; and

(6) A significant cost of living increase of the Withdrawing Student

(7) Other situations, at the University’s sole discretion, which are deemed to result in significant hardship to the Withdrawing Student

  • Significant Hardship Withdrawal: Combines the defined terms “Withdraw/Withdrawal” and “Significant Financial or Physical Hardship” into one reference.
  • Significant Hardship Withdrawal Effective Date: Requests for a Significant Hardship Withdrawal are effective immediately and without delay to limit debts owed to the University and for the benefit of the Withdrawing Student.
  • Tuition Insurance: Refers to the insurance policy which a student may voluntarily purchase.  Information about eligibility, available policies, covered costs, and covered claims may be found at Dewar Tuition Insurance.
  • Student Account Balance: Refers to the balance of the Withdrawing Student’s account in LOCUS, as of the Significant Hardship Withdrawal Effective Date, after adjustments in accordance with University published withdrawal schedules, as published by the Bursar.
  • LOCUS: Refers to the software application, Loyola's Online Connection to University Services, which includes information concerning a Student’s Account Balance. 

IV   Significant Hardship Withdrawal Process

a) A student experiencing a Significant Physical or Financial Hardship and who feels it in their best interest to Withdraw must   contact their Academic Advisor.

b) The Academic Advisor will review with the appropriate faculty to determine the last date of participation which will determine the date of Withdrawal.

c) The Financial Aid Office will review the date of Withdrawal and determine if any Financial Aid adjustments are required based upon University policies or Department of Education regulations.

d) Office of the Bursar will determine the impact of the Withdrawal on the student’s account balance in LOCUS as follows:

i. The Student Account Balance will be determined by the University withdraw calendar Loyola Withdraw Schedule.

ii. Bursar will not assess any late payment fees after the date of Withdrawal.

e) The Academic Advisor will provide the Withdrawing Student with information about the process the Withdrawing Student may following if and when they choose to re-enroll at the University.

f) If the Withdrawing Student has Tuition Insurance, they will submit the insurance claim documentation found on the Dewar website: Dewar Tuition Refund Plan.

V   Contact Information

Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Office of the Bursar by writing to bursar@luc.edu.


Effective: August 25, 2022