Campus Leadership Team

A key component to initiative’s success is its emphasis on cross-campus collaboration. Loyola has identified a core Campus Leadership Team comprised of students, faculty and staff that will engage in a robust self-assessment process, participate in the creation of an action plan for the institution, and provide support for implementing specific initiatives. In addition to serving on the central team, each member has been assigned to a Pillar Subcommittee which is chaired by one of the Team Leads.

Team Leads

Samantha Maher Sheahan, Office of the Dean of Students – Schoolwide Mobilization & Self-Assessment

Tim Love, Office of Equity and Compliance – Clear Policies & Public Disclosure

Mira Krivoshey, Wellness Center – Survivor Support & Multitiered Education


Student Representatives

Monica Contractor, student, Stritch School of Medicine - Multitiered Education

Kaleb Evers, student, Interfraternity Council - Clear Policies

Greta Keller, student, CHANGE - Survivor Support

Melissa Tran, student, Panhellenic Council - Survivor Support

Hannah Yun, student, Student Government of Loyola Chicago - Schoolwide Mobilization


Faculty Representatives

Elaine Moratto, Parkinson School of Health Sciences and Public Health - Schoolwide Mobilization

Amy Nelson Christenson, Anti-Racism Initiative and School of Education - Schoolwide Mobilization

Abha Rai, School of Social Work - Survivor Support

Loretta Stalans, Criminal Justice - Multitiered Education


Staff Representatives

Hollie Apple, Student Accessibility Center - Clear Policies

Nika Arzoumanian, Office for Equity & Compliance - Self-Assessment

Astrid Beltran, Office of the Dean of Students - Schoolwide Mobilization

Willie Gore, Office of Student Conduct & Conflict Resolution - Clear Policies

Brian Houze, Office for Equity & Compliance - Clear Policies

Shannon Howes, Division of Student Development - Self-Assessment

Emmi Infante, Res Life- Multitiered Education

David Keyes, Arrupe College - Schoolwide Mobilization

Amber Miller, Office of the Dean of Students - Clear Policies

Danny Monreal, Campus Safety - Public Disclosure

Omer Mozaffar, Campus Ministry - Survivor Support

Julie Penn, Office of the Dean of Students - Survivor Support

McKenna Rogan, Wellness Center - Survivor Support and Multitiered Education

Mackenzie Rotherham, Graduate, Professional, and Adult Student Life - Schoolwide Mobilization

Matthew McDermott, University Marketing and Communication - Public Disclosure

Jenna Silver, School of Law - Multitiered Education

Holly Strauss-O'Brien, Athletics - Multitiered Education

James Thomas, SDMA - Public Disclosure

Ashonda Walker, Office for Equity & Compliance - Public Disclosure

Gabrielle Young, Student Activities & Greek Affairs - Multitiered Education

Hillary Zimmerman, Office of Institutional Effectiveness - Self-Assessment


Updates on the Campus Leadership Team’s (CLT) progress, recommendations and activities can be found in the Timeline & Updates section of this website.