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Student Research

Individually Supervised Student Research

Student research projects involving human subjects undertaken as part of an individually supervised project, e.g., Mulcahy Scholarships, independent studies, honors projects, master’s theses, or doctoral dissertations, require IRB review.

Students attending Loyola are bound by the same procedures and policies as faculty and staff. Additionally, applications for IRB review and approval from undergraduate or graduate students must be sponsored by a full-time faculty member who is familiar with the student’s proposed research activity (see Investigator/Faculty Sponsor Responsibilities).

General Guidelines:

  1. When submitting application materials to the IRB, graduate students must include copies of their thesis outline or dissertation proposal as submitted to the Graduate School.
  2. Student must work with their faculty sponsor in order to submit and update an application for IRB review in the CAP system. The sponsor is, of course, responsible both for the content of the application and for the subsequent supervision of the project. The faculty sponsor must obtain certification of on-line training (see CITI Course Instructions).
  3. Master’s and Ph.D. students must successfully defend their thesis or dissertation proposals prior to submitting their applications for IRB review. Furthermore, they must continue to renew IRB approval for their project until they successfully defend their thesis or dissertation.
  4. When their projects are completed, students must work with their faculty sponsor to submit a closure request in the CAP system.

A Note to Graduate Students: IRB review is entirely independent of review procedures undertaken within the Graduate School or the student’s department. Only the IRB has the authority to exempt or approve research projects involving human participants. Data collection must not begin prior to receiving full approval from the IRB; federal regulations do not allow the IRB to review research retrospectively.


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