Loyola University Chicago

Institutional Review Board

Investigator's Guide


Many Investigators find the IRB process to be complex and confusing.  This guide has been created to help guide Investigators through the different phases of the IRB review process.  The guide is broken down into different phases of your project. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with each phase before you begin the IRB review process, so you understand the process as a whole and what will be expected of you as an Investigator when your research reaches a new phase. The guide can also be used to refresh your memory of what your responsibilities are when you reach a new phase in your research.

The Investigator's Guide to the IRB Review Process is divided into the following sections:

Section 1. Things to Do and Know before you Prepare your IRB Application

Section 2. How to Prepare and Submit your Application for IRB Review

  • Preparing your Initial Review Application
  • How, Where and When to Submit your Initial Review Application

Section 3. How to Respond to the IRB after your Project has been Reviewed

  • Possible Outcomes of an Exempt, Expedited or Full Board Review
  • How to Prepare your Response to Conditional Approval
  • How and When to Submit your Response to the IRB
  • How the IRB Reviews Responses to Conditional Approval
  • How to Prepare and Submit your Application and Response for Re-Review
  • How the IRB Re-Reviews Tabled Protocols

Section 4. Your Ongoing Responsibilities after your Project has been Approved

  • Amendments
  • Continuing Review
  • Additional Reporting Responsibilities
  • Closing Projects