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About the Loyola Experience Engagement Key

The Loyola Experience Engagement Key focuses on your Engaged Learning experience. Engaged Learning supports the mission of Loyola University Chicago by embedding opportunities for you to explore the many different forms of experiential learning as part of your academic coursework!

Engaged learning courses are indicated on LOCUS and are centered around service-learning, undergraduate research, academic internships, public performance, or fieldwork. 

Have you taken an Engaged Learning class?

If so, you can earn your Engagement Key!

Follow two steps to earn your Loyola Experience Engagement Key:

STEP ONE: Add your Engaged Learning Reflection to your learning portfolio (ePortfolio).

We recommend building off of your UNIV 101 learning portfolio and create a separate tab titled "Engaged Learning Reflection." Use the following reflection prompts provided to construct your reflection:

Loyola University Chicago's Mission Statement

“We are Chicago's Jesuit Catholic university- a diverse community seeking God in all things and working to expand knowledge in the service of humanity through learning, justice, and faith.”

Referencing Loyola’s mission statement above, compose a written reflection (about 500 words) that connects your in-class and out-of-class experience responding to the following:

  • How did you connect your in-class and out-of-class Engaged Learning experiences?
  • How did your Engaged Learning experience help you connect to the University’s mission?
  • How did the Engaged Learning experience in this course affect your personal, intellectual, civic, and/or professional development?

Upload an artifact that represents your “engaged learning” experience. You can include a photo, presentation, reflection for a class, TedTalk, certificate, etc. The artifact should be explained and compliment your reflection.

As a reminder, we recommend building off of your UNIV 101 learning portfolio when adding your Engaged Learning reflection. However, if you would like to create a new portfolio, you can choose to use our Loyola Experience template found on TaskStream, Loyola's official learning portfolio platform. You can log on using your Loyola Username and Password to eportfolio.luc.edu. Here is an easy step by step Creating and Publishing your Loyola Experience Template Guide. You would then add your Engaged Learning reflection under the tab titled "Engagement." Check out our tutorial below!

Need assistance uploading your reflection to a learning portfolio? Tutorials on how to add content to your learning portfolio can be found here! You can also stop by the Center for Experiential Learning in Sullivan 295 between 9 am and 5 pm Monday through Friday and get help and feedback from the Learning Portfolio Peer Mentor Team!

STEP TWO: Submit Your Link to the Center for Experiential Learning.

You can submit your learning portfolio link to the form found on TaskStream, which is Loyola's official learning portfolio platform, to earn your Key. You can log on to TaskStream using your Loyola Username and Password to eportfolio.luc.edu. Submit your portfolio link on the form titled "Spring 2017 Loyola Experience Engagement Key and Diploma Frame Submission." For a step by step guide for submitting your link see our Submitting Your Learning Portfolio Guide or our guide below!

Not seeing the form on TaskStream? Please email us at eportfolio@luc.edu and we will grant you access.

Submit your learning portfolio with your Engaged Learning reflection by or on Friday, March 31, 2017. Loyola Experience Engagement Keys will be awarded at Loyola's annual Weekend of Excellence April 21-23, 2017. Recipients will be notified in advance.


Need inspiration? Check out our Gallery for Examples!

Need Help? Take a look at the Engagement Key Tutorials Page!

Congratulations 2015–2016 Recipients!

Aracely Aguilar Emma Kautz Rahi Patel
Kristiene Alonzo Brooke Kedzie Katherine Powers
Daniella Amato Samia Khan Alejandro Rios
Gustavo Arreguin Mendoza Evelyn Lagunas Thea Rossmiller
Matt Bonfitto Victoria Landa-Steninau Armeen Sayani
Annie Burns Ruby Larson Dina Puthenpurakal
Gabriela Coronado Amanda Lunn Reed Richmond
Evan Cudone Nathaniel Magrath Nicole Reynolds
Robert David Hernandez Alex Minton Stephany Virruetta
Jacob Eyers Jennie Mueller Shayna Youman
Kathryn Habecker Ian Olesak Moryan Young
Samantha Happ Caroline O'Sullivan  
Laurynas Kalesinskas Arianna Pape