Loyola University Chicago

Learning Portfolio Program

Center for Experiential Learning

What do I Include?

Loyola Learning Portfolios are intended to be dynamic and engaging representations of skills, abilities, experiences, and values. One way to make your learning portfolio dynamic and engaging is to include a variety of forms of multimedia as "artifacts"—or evidence of what you can do and what makes you!

There are many different types of "artifacts" you can include in your learning portfolio! For some ideas, check out the Gallery or our series of Tutorials!

Uploading vs. Embedding

Deciding whether to upload or embed files will have an impact on the appearance of the pages in your learning portfolio. Uploading files will display as an attachment, which viewers will be required to click, download, and open in order to access. Uploaded files will appear like this:

Embedding files will display as an interactive piece of your learning portfolio, which allows viewers to click and access without ever leaving your portfolio. Embedded files will appear like this, and the multimedia displayed be fully interactive: