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Important Forms

Documenting your community service work

The following forms and other resources are general forms that may or may NOT be used by a specific service-learning class.  Check with your course instructor to make sure that you are properly documenting your community-based work!

Service-Learning Agreement -- this form, which is signed by the student, the community partner, and the course instructor, documents the agreement between the student and the community organization representative who will be supervising him or her while onsite.  Ideally, it would be signed by the organization representative/site supervisor during the student's orientation to the organization, and would be accompanied by a conversation about the student's learning objectives for the community-based experience.  It should be returned to the course instructor at the beginning of the semester; the information on this form should also be documented in Ramblerlink (see instructions below).

Generic Experiential Learning Hours Log -- this form is intended for documenting a student's volunteer hours at his/her volunteer site throughout the semester.  At the end of the semester, it should be returned (with all appropriate signatures) to the course instructor.  Note that some organizations may have their own version of this form; check with your course instructor to find out what forms of agency documentation are acceptable in her/his class.

Instructions for Documenting Engaged Learning in LOCUS‌ -- this step-by-step booklet explains how students can document their community service work in LOCUS using the Engaged Learning module.  This electronic documentation should be completed as soon as a student knows where she/he will be serving for a given semester, as the CEL staff uses this information to help manage students' risk while off campus.

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