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Loyola's rooftop garden gives undergraduate students plenty of opportunities to help the environment.

College isn't just about coursework. When students research college options, they look for colleges that will help them achieve their professional goals, but they also look for colleges that change lives. The Loyola college experience is largely about making memories, connecting with new friends, and taking advantage of everything Loyola’s life on the lake has to offer.

The University's on-campus residence halls provide a home base close to class while also supplying you with a built-in community and camaraderie as you begin your college career. With more than 250 student organizations at Loyola, there are plentiful options for meeting friends, discovering new interests, and giving back to the community

Since a complete Jesuit education encompasses the development of the whole self, Loyola students engage intellectually, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

If you have any questions about undergraduate life, Loyola offers support with student services and resources through The Hub—the first stop for all students and visitors to get immediate help, answers, and directions on what to do, or where to go, next. Attending Loyola isn't just going to college; it's a chance to change lives, beginning with your own.

Loyola Felice's Pizza

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Felice's Roman Style Pizza

Watch this video to learn about the development and launch of Loyola University Chicago's latest student-run business, which is completely managed and operated by undergraduate students. Felice's Roman Style Pizza also happens to be the tastiest new pizza place in Rogers Park!

Loyola University Chicago Theatre Major

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Loyola's Theatre Program

Loyola University Chicago's Theatre Program is housed within the Department of Fine and Performing Arts. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working in all areas of theatre, and also land coveted internships at top performance venues across the city of Chicago.


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Partnering with the Community: Tutoring at CircEsteem

Meet Maggie McCoy, a student at Loyola University Chicago who also works as a volunteer at Chicago's CircEsteem.