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We are Called to Create

a More Just World.

Engage Your Intellect with Hands-on Work, Finding Solutions for a Healthier Planet.

Are you called?

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A mission to create

a more sustainable future

Environmental breakthroughs

for challenges to come

Rise up and take action,

tomorrow depends on it

Just 20 to 30 years ago

Lake Michigan was booming

with native fish…

…now it's a hotspot for

invasive species

Loyola's Reuben Keller is answering the call
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They’re everywhere —

in the air we breathe,

food we eat,

and water we drink.


are posing a threat

to our ecosystem

and health.

Loyola's Jenna Molaro is answering the call
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A student working in the Biodiesel Lab where the School of Environmental Sustainability processes used cooking oil into fuel for shuttle buses used on campus to transport students

How to turn used cooking oil into bus fuel

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A young boy at a sink, a beneficiary of DIGDEEP, a company founded by Loyola University Chicago alum George McGraw that builds wells and set up water delivery systems where there are deficient systems or none at all

Opening the floodgates

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We are called to protect

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Revisit the Facts

Spotlighting key moments from our event discussion so you can relive the highlights and take in the information our panel of experts shared with the Loyola community.