Loyola University Chicago

Nicholas Lash, PhD

 Professor, School of Business

Asymmetries in Financial Globalization

APF Press, 2002


The book presents 14 papers presented at a Conference on Asymmetries in Financial Globalization held at Loyola on May 14, 1999 under the auspices of the Athenian Policy Forum. The book is divided into three major themes: the role of banking in financial globalization, the European Monetary Union, and the Asian Crisis. The Articles focus on the many asymmetries that have emerged as issues in financial globalization and brings to light the important role that regulations have on this ongoing process.

Banking Laws and Regulations: An Economic Perspective

Prentice Hall College Div, 1987
(ISBN 130556092)


The book provides a comprehensive, yet readable overview of banking laws and regulations. They are presented with reference to the environment within which they were enacted. The effects of laws and regulations are critically evaluated from an economic perspective. The book is organized into an overview of bank regulation of bank balance sheets, and special topics in regulation.