Loyola University Chicago

Samuel A. Attoh, PhD

Dean, Graduate School

Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa 3rd Edition

Prentice Hall: 2009
(ISBN-13: 9780136056317)


For most people who reside outside Africa, the region evokes a variety of images; some of them, unfortunately, are influenced by stereotypes, and others are based on little information about the region. The book provides a systematic, thematic approach to the multi-faceted aspects of the physical and human geography of Sub-Saharan Africa, including the effects of globalization on changing environmental, cultural, economic, urban, and political landscapes. Throughout our discussion, however, we must always remember that much remains hidden, for Africa is a vast and varied region, home to more than a half a billion multiethnic people. International efforts are welcome, but they must be well-intended. More importantly, they must embody workable strategies that provide the poor with opportunities to achieve their full potential.