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Dina Berger, PhD

Assistant Professor, History

The Development of Mexico's Tourism Industry: Pyramids by Day, Martinis by Night

Palgrave Macmillan: 2006

(ISBN: 1403966354)


Today, tourism is one of Mexico's most successful revolutionary projects that played a decisive role in the making of that modern nation. From the industry's birth in 1928 to its boom in 1946, government officials and private entrepreneurs coalesced around tourism to study, develop, and promote it as a development strategy that fulfilled revolutionary goals. Through savvy promotional campaigns that professed goodwill and showcased the modern ("martinis") and the traditional ("pyramids"), tourist boosters refashioned their nation's image from an unruly to a good neighbor successfully attracting US tourists. This pioneering study demystifies the emergence of modern tourism and demonstrates how tourist boosters capitalized on broader shifts in US-Mexican relations.

Assistant Professor, History