Loyola University Chicago

Fred B. Bryant, PhD

Professor of Psychology

Savoring: A New Model of Positive Experience

Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.: 2007

(ISBN 0-8058-5119-4)


This book summarizes my past 25 years of research on the psychology of joy. The book is about savoring life-the capacity to attend to the joys, pleasures, and other positive feelings that we experience in our lives. The book is intended to enhance our understanding of what savoring is and the conditions under which it occurs. Savoring provides a new theoretical model for conceptualizing and understanding the psychology of enjoyment and the processes through which people manage positive emotions. In the book, we review our quantitative research on savoring, as well as the research of others, and provide measurement instruments with scoring instructions for assessing and studying savoring.

The book outlines the necessary preconditions that must exist for savoring to occur and distinguishes savoring from related concepts such as coping, pleasure, positive affect, emotional intelligence, flow, and meditation. The book's lifespan perspective includes a conceptual analysis of the role of time in savoring. We also consider savoring in relation to human concerns, such as love, friendship, physical and mental health, creativity, and spirituality. In addition, we provide strategies and hands-on exercises that people can use to enhance savoring in their lives, along with a review of factors that enhance savoring.

Savoring is intended for researchers, students, and practitioners interested in positive psychology from the fields of social, clinical, health, and personality psychology and related disciplines. The book may serve as a supplemental text in courses on positive psychology, emotion and motivation, and other related topics. The chapters on enhancing savoring will be especially attractive to clinicians and counselors interested in intervention strategies for positive psychological adjustment.