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Suzy Fox, PhD

Associate Professor, School of Business

Successful Professional Women of the Americas

Edward Elgar Publishing Inc.: 2006

(ISBN: 1845424379)


This accessible and original book relates the fascinating story of successful women across the Americas: women who are managers, business owners, university professors and administrators, doctors, lawyers and government ministers.

Based on extensive research, including more than 1,100 surveys and 300 interviews of women from Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Jamaica, Mexico, St Vincent and the Grenadines and the USA, the book aims to explain what these women have in common and how they differ. The workplace challenges and barriers to professional success faced by women are also analyzed. Seeking to capture the voices of the women themselves, the authors also from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures across the Americas' attempt to explain success in the face of personal, social, organizational, cultural and economic obstacles facing women everywhere.

Successful Professional Women of the Americas will provide fascinating reading for academics, students and researchers focusing on gender studies or business and management. Professional women and managers worldwide will also find the book to be of great interest.

Counterproductive work behavior: investigations of actors and targets

American Psychological Association: 2005

(ISBN: 1591471656)

Synopsis (From the Publisher):

This volume examines the conditions and events in modern organizations that contribute to counterproductive work behavior, as well as the steps organizations might take to combat it. Authors from both North America and Europe analyze the interplay between the environmental factors of the workplace and the personal characteristics of the individual actors and targets of counterproductive work behavior.

Associate Professor, School of Business